Who we are

and what we do

My name is Anne and I am a designer from Switzerland. I am passionate about good design, kids’ creativity and the environment. This is why, one year ago we started working on a unisex, high-quality organic kids’ clothing brand.


Salut Kidswear wants to focus on designs which are directly inspired by children’s drawings and creations. We want to produce comfy outfits with bold styles and encourage kids to let their imaginations run free.

Responsible manufacturing

Our clothes are produced in Portugal with organic cotton and recycled fabrics to increase awareness and leave as small a footprint as possible. We want to take responsibility for our impact on the environment so that the future generations can enjoy it just as much as we do.

Worn wear community

We believe that our well-made clothes can be used for a long time, even after your children have outgrown them. Consider giving your kids’ clothing a new life by passing it on to one of your friends or relatives and help us grow the Salut «Worn Wear Community».

Merci to everyone!

Sean and Lea from tasty pictures for the video | Flo and Tess for the texts | Lisa and Jaden, Nadja and Elisa, Majken, Mickey and Elo for being great mini-models and super mums | My two brothers Jonas and Noé for helping me with the financial part and the business plan | Annina Olga Frey for sewing the first ever prototypes | Marco from Dasmo Druckerei for printing the prototype textiles | Leandro and Franz for their great input | Adrian and Nat for programming the website | To all the mums and dads who have given me essential inside tips | Thomas my partner in crime for the pictures and his endless support.